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Best of 2010 December 31, 2010

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I want to make sure that this year is ended on high (it has been a mixture of a year) and to celebrate all that is good. So here we go:

1.  Film at the cinema: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows (part 1)

2. Film on DVD: Avatar

3.  TV drama: Sherlock

3. TV comedy: Rev

4. Theological book : The Unnecessary Pastor, E. Peterson.

5. Popular Christian book: Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell

 6. Novel:  An ordinary woman, S. Sallis  

7. Restaurant: Nandos

8. Album: Sigh no more, Mumford & Sons.

9. Older song of the year: Shining Light, Ash

10. Place visited in London: Tate modern.


One Response to “Best of 2010”

  1. Catriona Says:

    An interesting list! Glad you have found things to celebrate and hoping (in a theolgocial way!) 2011 is a great one for you and htose you love and serve.

    Take care and ‘keep the fiath’

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